Metal Roof Construction
Complement any home design

New Construction

Invest in a Legacy with Titan Steel Roofing

Elevate your new construction project to new heights with Titan Steel Roofing's metal roofing solutions. Our diverse range of profiles, from the sleek Ribbed Steel to the classic European Tile, is designed not just to cover but to captivate. Embrace a fusion of unparalleled durability, exceptional energy efficiency, and timeless beauty. With Titan Steel Roofing, your new build isn't just a structure; it's a landmark destined to enchant for generations.

Roof Installation on a Newly constructed home.
New Roof Construction - Residential

The Perfect Fusion of Elegance and Endurance

When you choose metal roofing for your new construction, you're not just selecting a roof; you're making a statement. Our offerings, including the contemporary Snap Lock and the elegant Metal Shingles, bring a unique blend of style and substance to your project. Experience the perfect marriage of striking curb appeal with long-term cost-effectiveness and robust protection against the elements. Elevate your project with Titan Steel Roofing, where every roof is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a testament to enduring elegance.

Metal Roof Renovations

Reimagine Your Space with Titan Steel Roofing

Transform your renovation project into a showcase of style and sustainability with Titan Steel Roofing's metal solutions. Choose from our exquisite range of profiles, such as the elegantly curved Bell and the robust Mechanical Lock, to not only elevate your home's visual appeal but also to enhance its efficiency and resilience. With our metal roofing, your renovation transcends the ordinary, delivering both stunning aesthetics and practical benefits. Embrace a roofing revolution with Titan Steel Roofing, where every renovation is an opportunity for extraordinary transformation.

Complete Steel Roofing Installation Project
Roof before Renovations

Elevate with Elegance and Efficiency

Step into a realm of architectural refinement when you upgrade to metal roofing in your renovation journey. Our diverse profiles, from the sleek Ribbed Steel to the sophisticated European Tile, bring a timeless allure to your home. Immerse yourself in the dual delights of reduced maintenance and significant energy savings. At Titan Steel Roofing, we don't just renovate roofs; we redefine them. Experience the fusion of elegance and enduring value, and watch as your renovation dreams take flight under the shelter of our expert craftsmanship.

Metal Roofing Retrofits

Revolutionize Your Retrofit with Titan Steel Roofing

Elevate your retrofitting endeavor to a realm of modern sophistication and classic charm with Titan Steel Roofing's advanced metal solutions. Our Snap Lock profile, with its sleek contemporary design, and the timeless allure of Metal Shingles, are more than just roofing options; they're statements of style and functionality. Each choice not only transforms your building's appearance but also brings the benefits of energy efficiency and enduring resilience. Embrace the future of roofing with Titan Steel Roofing, where every retrofit is a step towards a smarter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Complete Steel Roofing Installation Project
Roof before Retrofitting

Maximize Savings with Stylish Sustainability

Step into the future of retrofitting with metal roofing options that blend impeccable aesthetics with unparalleled efficiency. Our diverse range of profiles, including the elegant Snap Lock and the gracefully curved Bell, offer superior insulation, minimal maintenance, and a complete aesthetic overhaul. At Titan Steel Roofing, we're not just upgrading roofs; we're elevating entire retrofitting experiences. Rely on us to deliver solutions that not only meet but surpass your expectations, ensuring your project stands out for its savings, sustainability, and striking appearance.